Two friends wear the same clothes to prove looking good is about style, not size

For years, society has told us that in order to look attractive, we’ve got to be a certain shape and size. But even if you know that’s a load of old codswallop, it can can hard to unstick those beauty standards – or at least truly believe that they don’t apply to you.

That’s why two friends have decided to show the world that looking good is about style – not size.

Plus-size model, Denis Mercedes, launched a TikTok challenge called ‘Style Not Size’ with her mate, Maria Castellanos. Embracing their different body shapes but same taste in fashion, the pair filmed themselves wearing the same outfits to prove that style has no size barriers. And their bite-sized videos have gone down a storm, some being liked over 4.7 million times.

Denis and Maria have different body shapes

But the same love of fashion

And they’re showing how one outfit can suit different bodies

Whether it’s a sweet twinset

Or a little tea dress

Size isn’t a barrier to style